Wanted: Van Drivers!

“I’m sorry. The vans are full.”
RHK owns three 15-passenger vans, which we can use to go and pick up kids who need rides. However, the number of kids who need transportation far exceeds what we can provide. We are limited to a few neighborhoods where most of our kids who need rides live.
The bigger problem is the need for more van drivers. We have only a handful of drivers to help on the nights we are open (M-Th). So, even though we have three vans available, most nights we can only send out one or two to pick up kids. We ask parents to call in that day to reserve seats on the vans for their children. Once the vans are full, we can’t take any others. Many kids miss out on having a hot meal, hearing God’s Word, and being somewhere safe for a few hours because they don’t have transportation.
We need van drivers – Men and women who love the Lord and have a heart for the kids we serve. It’s a small commitment in time, but it is invaluable considering the opportunities it gives the kids. No special license is needed and we will work with you to schedule times that work for you.
If you can help, please give Kathy a call @815-962-5067 Ext. 113