Items Difficult to Accept

We are blessed every day with people stopping by our office to provide the many items we regularly need or request through our Monthly Drives and special requests. Please check our Monthly Drives to see what items we are currently collecting.

There are a few items however, that are difficult to accept due to lack of storage space or for health reasons.

Those items are:

  • Used clothing – Our storage space is very tight and we just don’t have the room to store the many sizes and types of clothing we would need for the 250+ kids we serve. For that reason, we limit our clothing collection to new or like-new winter outerwear, boots, underwear, gym shoes, and socks as needed by our kids seasonally.
  • Used stuffed animals – Gently loved stuffed animals can carry pet hair and dander which may cause allergic reactions to a child who receives them. New stuffed toys are a safe alternative.
  • Used toys – Our kids are only in our facility for 3 hours a day and we fill their time with learning and fun activities, leaving very little free playtime. Limited time and lack of storage space prevents us from keeping many games and toys in our building. Watch for our Christmas drive in the fall for when we start collecting new toys and games to give our kids for Christmas!

If you want to make a donation to Rock House Kids and are not sure what to give, a monetary gift in the form of cash, check, or gift card, is always a good choice. If you have questions, please call our office at 815-962-5067.

Thank you so much!


Rock House Kids will work with donors to satisfy both the wishes of the donor and the needs of Rock House Kids. Final authority on the administration of gifts rests with the Executive Director and Board of Directors, subject to our Donor’s Bill of Rights. Documented gifts and pledges will be issued a written acknowledgement as required by the donor.

Unless otherwise directed by the donor, proceeds will first be applied to Rock House Kids operations in providing services to our children. Restricted gifts will be used only in the manner intended by donor.

Rock House Kids reserves the right to refuse gifts that are not in keeping with Christian values.

Personal property such as, but not limited to motor vehicles, may be accepted by Rock House Kids only after a determination that the property is easily and readily marketable, or needed in operation of our work. Lawful ownership of said gifts must be established prior to acceptance.

It will be Rock House Kids policy to sell or dispose of said gifts unless a need of use is established.

Rock House Kids can only issue receipts in accordance with IRS policy and guidelines.

Motor vehicles will be inspected by a certified mechanic for safety and a reasonable time period of useful life will be established prior to full acceptance.

The acceptance of property in need of repair or near term maintenance will be subject to the following:

  • Executive Director will make a timely decision (for the benefit of both the donor and Rock House Kids) when time is of the essence.
  • Improvements such as repair and/or maintenance deemed necessary, shall be limited to the amount of $2,000, unless board authorized. Consideration will be given to useful life, marketability, storage costs, carrying costs, and any perceived support costs associated with such gift.
  • Should an intended gift be found unacceptable, a written acknowledgement will be sent to prospective donor and record kept at our location.
  • Disposition of certain charitable deduction property made within three years after contribution, may require filing of Form 8282 with Internal Revenue Service. Gifts qualifying for a charitable deduction to the donor shall be valued by using fair market value or disposition proceeds in keeping with IRS guidelines.