Our Community

Our building is right in the middle of a depressed, crime-ridden area. Families struggle to survive, and ladies of the night are always walking the streets. Gang activity is rampant, and police and ambulance sirens fill the air. This is where many of the children we serve live and play.

At Rock House Kids we are committed to providing hope in Jesus. By teaching the children the importance of avoiding drugs and gangs and  finishing school, our desire for them is for them to find rewarding employment, and ultimately learn to be a responsible adult and parent.

We teach the children about Jesus and how He loves them unconditionally, and cares about their every need and concern. Our classroom leaders stress the importance of positive moral character traits such as honesty, thankfulness, and love, helping to encourage and strengthen them spiritually and emotionally.

We hope you too will see the need and want to be a part of the solution. Please call our office if you would like to volunteer or help in any way.