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Donor Bill of Rights




We at Rock House Kids fully acknowledge the good faith expressed by our donors.  We fully realize the “charge” of stewardship associated with a gift.

To fully assure that we merit the respect and trust of the general public and to allow Donors to have full confidence; we hereby declare that all donors have the following rights and privileges:

  • Donors will promptly receive appropriate recognition and acknowledgement
  • Donors will be fully informed of Rock House Kids mission
  • Donors will be fully apprised of how their funds aid us in providing services to the children
  • Donors will be offered a full and complete tour of our facilities, by appointment
  • Donors will have full access to Rock House Kids financial statements when requested
  • Donors can expect prompt, truthful, and forthright answers concerning all donations they make to Rock House Kids
  • Donors may expect that all relationships with Rock House Kids will be handled in a professional manner
  • Donors may be assured that all gifts will be used for purposes they intend
  • Donors can be assured that their information will not be shared with other organizations
  • Donors can be assured that funds are used in the best interests of the children in a prayerful manner