RHK Volunteer Spotlight

My name is Pat. I am a retired elementary school teacher who is now a full-time “Grandma Nanny” to my preschool-aged granddaughter. She and the rambunctious sheepdog my husband and I adopted keep me on my toes.
I have volunteered at RHK for the past eighteen months as a 3rd & 4th grade girls’ leader and, occasionally, as a station leader. After I retired from teaching, I asked God to show me where he wanted me to serve, and soon after, I learned about RHK. It did not take long to see this ministry was where I belonged. As a former teacher, I enjoy asking the kids about their school day. They know I want to hear one good thing that happened that day. I also love having the opportunity to greet the children as they enter the building. I absolutely love knowing that I can make them feel welcome just by saying “hello” with a big smile.
Working with such a diverse group of kids is challenging. Yet I know, one day, one of my greatest joys will come in Heaven when all kinds of little people run up to me and say, “Do you remember me? I learned about Jesus at RHK.” Every child deserves and needs to feel like he/she is a treasure. Please come and help us love on these treasures.