Meet Grace Jones

My name is Grace. I currently work cleaning homes (being my own boss is nice) and help lead at the Front Desk in a Chiropractic office.

I’ve been volunteering at Rock House Kids for about 14 years as one of the lead teachers on Monday nights, along with my sister, Hope. When I was 14, I loved serving and helping those less fortunate than myself, so I looked for a place to volunteer that was spreading God’s love to adults and children. I learned of Rock House Kids through Dola Gregory, who gave me one of their cards. I looked up the organization and read about what they did and what they taught; it was exactly what I was looking for. I knew I had to call.

I love working with kids because it takes me out of my comfort zone. As I teach them about God’s word, I learn along with them and learn more about myself along the way. It’s challenging, but teaching a child and pouring into them brings so much joy. Challenges are good for us; they help us grow more if we let them help shape us.

As I look back, it’s pretty amazing to know I was able to share in so many kids’ lives, teaching them how much they were loved by us at RHK and, more importantly, by God.

I’ve missed out on some pretty cool opportunities by not acting on them when I had the chance. Everyone has something to give and gifts to help meet someone else’s needs. Why not share those at Rock House Kids? We all can learn to give of ourselves more. We are made to be part of a community. Let’s learn to serve one another better, and as we do so, we honor God.

Happy volunteering!