Valentine’s Event Night Fun!

On Wednesday, February 14, our RHK kids celebrated Valentine’s Day with a fun event night.
Each child was given a different colored wrist band when they checked-in to show which group they would be in for the night. The groups then rotated to various stations together throughout the night. Four stations featured different games – like Valentine’s Day Bingo, a relay to build the highest stack of heart candies, balloon volley, or a “cake walk” (it was really a “candy walk” since all of the prizes were candy). There was also a craft station where they made their own little pompom friends.
The highlight for many came at the end of the night. Their eyes lit up when they got to pick from a selection of Squishmellows and giant stuffed animals to take home with them. (Thank you to the generous donors who provided them!)
One of our younger boys picked out a huuuuge blue unicorn that was more than twice his size. When mom came to take him home, he gave it to her and told her he got her a present for Valentine’s Day. Of course, he then asked if she would mind if it came and slept in his room with him. ♥😄
Happy belated Valentine’s Day, friends!