Easter Event Night

Since our kids were on Spring Break the week before Easter, we waited and held our Easter event night last Wednesday instead.
After dinner, they divided into groups and rotated around five different stations. At one station, they found a partner and used plastic Easter eggs to play an egg toss game. There was much laughter and suspense as they vied to see which pair could go the longest without dropping the egg.
At another station, the kids were given a small wooden cross to decorate and got to pick out a Beanie Baby or two to take home. There was a station where they enjoyed playing “Easter Bingo” and one where they working on an Easter coloring page and were surprised with the opportunity to pick out a special gift for themselves.
The most important station of the night? The one where they got to hear the true story of Easter from the Bible – Christ’s death and resurrection!
We are incredibly grateful for our wonderful supporters who gave financially AND those who provided the wooden crosses, candy and toys to make this event night extra-special for our kids. It was a great night!