Beth Yock


Board Member, Elizabeth (Beth) Yock joined the RHK Board of Directors in November of 2020 and currently serves as the Secretary.

Beth is a former RPS205 graduate who went on to study locally at Rockford College where she doubled majored in Business and Human Relations and minored in Human Development. She is currently a Vice President/Senior HR Business Partner at BMO Harris Bank where she enjoys working with people and project management.

For over 30 years, Beth worked down the road from RHK, and would see the kids walking by and decided she wanted to be a bigger “part of the solution”. As a former youth group leader, she has always enjoyed working with kids and at one time even contemplated being a teacher. She originally came to RHK and was training as a mentor with the 5/6 grade girls and eager to introduce kids to Christ. It was extremely eye-opening for her as she witnessed the struggles, the honesty, and at times it was a little overwhelming at first. Then one night, there was a young girl who was visibly upset. As she was getting ready to approach her, she thought to herself “Will she be guarded? Will she want to open up?” As Beth got closer, the young girl, with tears in her eyes, looked up at her and asked “Will you pray for me?” Then another one of her young friends joined in to pray. She was blown away at how they opened up their hearts to her. Then Covid hit. She felt called to continue her work at RHK in a different form during the pandemic and eventually joined the board.

Beth’s believes in Rock House Kids mission and the importance of introducing the kids to Christ. She believes helping the kids get their needs met is crucial part of our mission and we must be flexible in our approach in order to reach the kids we serve.

Beth has also served on the board for Haven’s Network and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. She has also enjoyed volunteering for Special Olympics, Carpenter’s Place and the Rockford Rescue Mission to name a few. She is a member of Stonebridge Church and in her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities, particularly snowshoeing and hiking. She also loves to cook and read.