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So many new and great things are happening and/or changing (always for the better) for Rock House Kids. It is our desire to share and make you are aware of what’s goin’ on around here.  We hope you will go along for the ride!

We hear many people ask us, what is Rock House Kids?

Rock House Kids started in 1999 with a little nine-year-old boy named Carl who stopped by the building on 7th Street looking for something to eat and slept through the programming that was being held. The founder, Dola Gregory, met with Carl and assisted him with food, clothing and whatever else she could give him. Week after week, he continued to show up and started to bring other young boys and girls to get help from “this lady that he knew.”

The word spread and she was feeding kids a hot meal and providing clothes. She eventually put these activities into a structured program that could help more children. Soon a bag of foods that were “kid friendly” was provided for when they left for the night. They could still have something to eat. Also to create a program for kids to learn moral character traits-traits not being taught at home or rarely at school. People too, were hearing about this phenomenon, and Gregory started a 501©3 and put together a Board of Directors that wanted to make a change for these precious kids that had very little.

Little by little, volunteers were walking in the door helping to bring and serve food, bringing supplies for classroom activities, and dropping off the foods that were being sent home in a bag. So many kids were coming through the door. People were calling and asking how they can help and also asking if someone from the program could come and speak about this new kid program!

Now twenty years later, kids still come through the door looking for something to eat, caring adults to talk with, learning moral character traits and taking a bag of “kid friendly” food home with them. The vision of helping the inner city kids is still the heart of the ministry.  Rock House Kids is serving 250 kids on a weekly basis! Kids from age 6 to 18 come to our facility Monday through Thursday for an evening program that serves as a safe haven-something many of these kids don’t experience even at home.

Our Vision:  Meeting the physical, emotional, and educational needs of inner-city children by instilling hope in a safe Christ Centered environment.

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