1325 7th Street Rockford, Illinois 61104 Weekly Program Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays 5pm

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays are filled with excitement every week!

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays are fun at Rock House Kids!*

Rock House Kid’s is continually growing! We are always making room and changes to our evening program schedule to receive more children ages 6-18. Mondays and Wednesdays we serve first through sixth grade students with wonderful, caring adult volunteers who are sharing God’s love, truth and salvation. On Tuesdays we are open just for teens!* They receive special mentoring and are provided the skills needed to learn how to navigate the world of college or employment.

We always start our programs with a hot meal-we recognize kids function and focus when they have eaten-a hungry belly doesn’t listen. Then we have large group time where we have song time, talk about upcoming activities and learn a valuable lesson. We head off  into appropriate classrooms where games, crafts and fun applying the valuable lesson just learned.

When we leave for the night, the children are provided a kid friendly food bag which contains 7-12 different nonperishable individually wrapped food items to take home. We also offer seasonal giveaways such as winter coats, hats mittens, etc., backpacks and school supplies, flip flops in the winter, bikes, gym shoes for school, hygiene items, toothbrushes with toothpaste, Christmas gifts to name a few.


Rock House Kids

Tons of fun on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays!

Also available but on Tuesday nights is our Teen Leadership program! Dee Lacny, our COO, interviews all children who want to continue after sixth grade to be a part of an exciting program that involves learning servanthood and leadership skills. These children must be in seventh through twelfth grades. One qualifying factor: Teens must have been an active participant of the Rock House Kids program in the past.  They help serve food, clean up after dinner, act as a helper in the classroom and also receive specialized training in leadership through a Mentor. There are other opportunities like learning about scholarships, colleges, and job training! The Teens go on special outings like winter camps, learn how to ski, and other day outings just for fun!

*Starting in 2018, an additional night of programming for Teens will be established. We desire to reach out to the Rock House Kids Teens so they can become the best responsible adults they can be. We want to keep them off the streets and teach them respect, responsibility, and to do what is right!20150718_164357

The nightly programs always starts by feeding the kids a hot meal. We then gather all together in the large group area to sing, hear announcements and encouragement from Dee Lacny,  our COO who also is in charge of programming or another leader. Afterwards, we break out into age appropriate small groups and teach the kids moral character traits like honesty, patience, faithfulness, peace and generosity. Our volunteers who teach and build relationships with these children are what makes Rock House Kids the success that it is. The at risk children are in desperate need of mentors like these. Dola Gregory says, “These are not “at risk” but “at possibility”children!

After the lesson time is over, the children are sent home with bags  filled with kid friendly single serving non perishable items to have throughout the week to help  meet their nutritional needs.

We also offer seasonal benefits such as back to school items in the fall, Valentine candy in February, socks and flip flops in the spring, and warm outerwear items (hats, gloves, and coats) in the late fall. Christmas is also a special time of year and we provide a special individualized gift to the many Rock House Kids that we serve.

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Tutoring is offered to those children who need help with school work before we start our Monday and Wednesday night programs. The tutoring is always free! Many children tell us they are having improvement in their grades. If they show us a change in their grades at school through a report card, then we reward them with something special.

The need to help more children is apparent. We don’t want to turn any child away that wants to walk in our door and receive love and compassion.We are always in need of volunteers-will you consider helping us?

Many children explain they would be without (food, basic life essentials, Christmas gifts) if it weren’t for the Rock House Kids items they receive.  We are so grateful for the wonderful support our donors provide. Thank YOU!

With God’s help and the help of the community, we can make a difference in a child’s life! Please join us in prayer for more doors to be opened and more children to be blessed!

Thank YOU!