Two New Wishlists!

RHK now has TWO new special wishlists on Amazon!
The first is for our EXPANSION NEEDS. Construction in the expansion area is nearly complete. Now, we need to focus on outfitting it with all of the needed supplies (i.e. furniture, shelving, storage bins, etc.). We will continue to add more items as needed, but please take a look and see if there is anything you can help provide.
The second list is for our PROGRAM NEEDS. Our kids have 45 minutes of free time on program nights before dinner is served. This is a great time for our mentors to challenge them to a fun board game. If the weather allows for them to go outside, it is a perfect time to burn off excess energy by playing different outdoor activities.
This list will also be updated as more items are added. Any help you can give in providing the items needed is appreciated.
Thank you for caring and helping provide what is needed for our kids.
You guys ROCK!