A six letter word expressing an individual or group of human beings. The word doesn’t describe who or where they come from. Only an adjective will share more details.


The precious children we serve have questionable lives at home. Many have numerous siblings and one parent taking care of all of them. Many have one pair of shoes they can claim for themselves. Parents don’t have the luxury to keep clean clothes on hand every day so kids will wear the same items for multiple days.

If the kids are fortunate, they have something to eat at home; breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal with or without milk, lunch is best to receive at school and dinner, that is VERY questionable. Mom is not always at home, the refrigerator may not have food it in, kitchen cabinets are bare.

Sleeping arrangements are a little different too. Pajamas are not the “norm”. Sheets on a bed are not the “norm”. To sleep on a couch, a mattress (with no sheets or blankets) or a sleeping bag in their school clothes is the what they are most familiar with.

School isn’t always a big deal in the house, so the child may do homework on their own or ask a sibling to help them. Some parents want the kids to stay home and watch their siblings so they (the parent) may do their own activities. School is not a big priority for many.


Life is rough for these children. Some parents try really hard to do right by their children. We see their good enough is not always good enough. These precious children have to fend for themselves. Where will they find help? Where can they find safety? Where can they learn and grow to become responsible adults in the future?

Rock House Kids is there for them. With the support of the community, we can provide the items that are needed and missing from their daily lives. Having a relationship with adults they can depend on is really a first step. Our volunteers have a heart for these children who come back to Rock House Kids each week looking for that special connection/friendship. The food, the other items that are distributed are just side benefits compared to knowing someone is in their court.

These precious kids are going to grow up someday. Will they look back at how bad things were for them or see a bright future? Rock House Kids is sharing with them a bright future. We don’t see an at risk child we see a child with possibilities! Help us show a bright future to a kid in need. Check out our Angels of Love for more information on how you can get involved.

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