Patrisha Oliver Bio


Patrisha became a member of the RHK family in September of, 2020. “This has been a life changing experience for me and far removed from the corporate world.  However, it is well within my wheelhouse as a Christian and follower of Christ”, according to Patrisha.

She was born and raised in Rockford and grew up in Jane Adams Housing Project until she was six years old. Her mother moved her and her other three siblings to the South East part of Rockford where she would later graduate from Jefferson High School.

Patrisha has worked in various occupations over the course of her life from finance, international flight attendant, medical and most recently aerospace. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, A Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership as well as her MBA at Judson University all while working a full time job.  One of life’s many challenges but the payoff was worth it.

She feels this is the right time and place for her to engage in the community and be a vessel for God.  “I continually pray for guidance on this journey and will make the most of my time here to have a positive impact on these children that I serve.  I was raised in church my entire life and I know the importance of having someone to care about me and how powerful that is as an adult.”

To this end, she hopes to have a long term relationship with Rock House Kids as she feels our organization helps her to grow and think outside the box to be a creative force within and outside these walls. “Rock House Kids is necessary and it is no coincidence that I am here.  I will let God use me as He sees fit as He always has.”

Be blessed or be a blessing. “I can do All things through Christ that strengthens me” Philippians 4:13