“Oh The Places We Will Go!”



Places-I am not sure anyone had any idea where the places we would go back in 1999!

Rock House Kids owns the building on 7th Street, Rockford, IL, which has four units; 1321, 1325, 1327, & 1401. The building started out back in the 1920’s as a factory and then in the 1960’s was transformed into a scale company. The company did not need all the space for its business, so they had an opportunity to rent a portion of it out.

In 1999 Rock House began with a small portion of this building and continued to expand as more children were hearing about it and wanting to attend. The scale company was able to downsize and several times Rock House Kids was able to purchase more sections of the building when it became available.

By Spring of 2013, the Founder of Rock House Kids advised the Owner of the Scale Company that she needed more space and he should donate it to Rock House Kids. He went to an appraiser to obtain the cost of what the purchase price would be for his remaining space which, at that time, was two units; 1327 and 1401 7th Street.  When the Scale Company Owner presented the appraisal to the Rock House Kids Owner, more discussion about donating the space was entertained!

Finally, in July of 2013 they sat down together and the Scale Company Owner signed over the deeds of both 1327 and 1401 7th Street to the Founder of Rock House Kids! Many prayers were said for this to take place!

A big renovation began in 2014 including new classrooms, a new large group area, and new bathrooms. What a project but what a big difference that made. More kids could come to the building and we had classrooms for them!

In 2016, a grant was approved and a parking lot was transformed into a playground along with jungle gym equipment and a screened in fence now in place; making this a safe and secure place for kids to play!

The scale company was sold to new owners shortly after the donation was made but the company remained in the building. The new owners continued to operate successfully until they found a new location that was more suitable for their needs and left the building in 2018.

The last portion of the building (1401) is ready to be transformed! We will turn it into many new spaces; a computer lab, more classrooms, a teen lounge (which will include a ping pong table, a foosball table among other fun activities), bathrooms, and the space for a new indoor gym area that will allow the kids to enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, and badminton when the weather is not cooperating!

We have our hands full with this new and final project. We need helping, praying and giving hands to make this a reality. If you know of anyone who would want to play a part in this giant but wonderful building adventure, please call our office 815-962-5067. Monetary donations towards this exciting undertaking are welcomed.

Bible verse:

Exodus 17:11 As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning.

Exodus 17:12 When Moses hands grew tired…Aaron and Hur held his hands up-one on one side, one on the other-so that his hands remained steady till sunset.

As you can see from this passage we need people to stand beside us. Help hold our hands up and become a part of this exciting adventure!  Oh the places we can go with YOUR HELP!

It’s all about the kids and keeping them safe while they are here and knowing they have a place to go to. They are loved and helped along the way.   Will you help us?

Questions about the blog? Contact Barb@rockhousekids.org who will be happy to respond. Thank you for taking time to read our blog and know our hearts.