New and Improved

In the gigantic world of marketing there needs to be something new or at least improved to share with a company or organization’s audience-in order to make a point or a big splash. They want you to buy their product.   What can be said or done to get the audience’s attention? How many times have you been down the isle of a supermarket and counted items that flash “new” or “improved” on the outside of a box?  What about this year’s model of a car, a boat, ​color of lipstick, or the newest fashion trends? Once again thoughts of new or improved are in the back of ​our mind​s​.

Each year marketing companies manage to come up with something new to pitch to their clients and in turn the clients relay the idea to their customers, or in our case, our donors. Yes, we listen to webinars, read books, and take classes, and even listen to our donors about what new ideas or trends we can share, but our bottom line is reaching inner city kids.

Our bottom line means helping inner city kids grow up in a healthy and safe environment. We’re making sure the kids that come through our doors have something to eat, learn moral character traits, and have seasonal items (like winter coats, hats, mittens, backpacks and school supplies, flip flops, socks, hygiene products, Christmas presents, etc.) as well as providing food to take home each night of programming. This goes on week after week, month after month and year after year.

To the staff and volunteers, it’s never dull or boring seeing kids change their behaviors for the better, seeing them have fun, smile, laugh, or share something good happening in their lives. When we talk with these precious kids our “something new” doesn’t need a new or improved label-we’re already seeing that. We’re seeing new and improved kids all the time!

Thank you for supporting this ministry. New and improved kids would not be happening here if it weren’t for people who support us with monetary or physical donations.

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