Melanie Derr Bio


Melanie, our newest staff member, came to Rock House Kids in March of 2021. Born and reared in Freeport, IL, she moved to Rockford in 1994 and has called this home ever since.

As a child of 5 years old, she placed her faith in Christ and ask Him to be her Savior from her sin. That year, she received a Children’s Bible Story book for Christmas and remembers gathering the neighborhood kids together so she could read it to them. As she grew older, her love for sharing the Good News with children and teens grew as well. She starting teaching in her church’s children’s ministry when she was in Jr. high and has continued to volunteer as a mentor and teacher in various youth and children’s ministries from that point forward. 

Melanie attends Stonebridge Church here in Rockford and is active in their music and women’s ministries, as well coordinating their children’s church ministry (once covid restrictions are lifted).

Since college, her heart for Missions took her to 14 different countries in various outreach, training and ministry endeavors. She is especially drawn to Latin America. The children of Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala hold a special place in her heart. Over the past 20+ years, she has served full-time in church/non-profit ministries and looks forward to seeing how God can use her here at Rock House Kids.