Mark Morris


Mark Morris has been involved with RHK since 2016 and now serves as the President of Board of Directors.” For a long time God was prompting me to serve my community in a greater way. Then, a person at my church introduced me to Rock House Kids. Initially, my involvement was through contributions and helping fill some of the food needs. Eventually I was asked to be a board member. In my opinion, there is no better way to serve our community than by serving and fulfilling the needs of our inner-city kids.”

Mark and his wife, Sherrie, enjoy serving a meal to the Kids on the first Tuesday of every month.  “We love it when the kids come back for a second helping and on occasion some will have a third.  We are always amazed by the way God blesses these children by constantly providing the resources to keep our kids safe, fed, and clothed.” Executive Director, Dee Lacny, loves that after they serve the kids, they sit down and join them in a “family meal” to share some special one on one time.

Mark believes RHK is doing an excellent job fulfilling the physical and emotional needs of our kids. As President, he is always looking ahead for potential and the future of RHK. He wants to ensure we are meeting the educational needs of the children and also have the opportunity to serve more kids in Rockford. In order to reach more kids, he believes expansion of the rest of our facility is crucial and opening our doors even earlier is key. This will require more financial services, volunteers, staff and transportation. Mark envisions “the ultimate goal is to be able to serve every kid in Rockford that wants to take advantage of the services we offer.”

Mark is the owner of J & M Plating. He married his wife Sherrie in 1985 and have three children: Matthew, Kylee and Mackenzie. They have also been blessed with five grandchildren: Gwyneth, Coen, Bennett, Luke and Camden.