Looking Back: 6-week Shutdown

Rock House Kids is celebrating 25 years of ministry to Rockford’s inner-city kids in 2024!
During the Covid-19 pandemic, RHK was required to shutdown for six weeks, so our kids were not able to come in the evenings. That didn’t mean RHK couldn’t be there for them though. During the shutdown, our staff checked in with them regularly by phone to make sure they were doing alright.
Many of our kids count on the hot meals and snack bags they receive when they come to RHK, and six weeks is a long time to go without them. So, our staff got busy and prepared boxes with food and basic essentials to help keep them going until they could come back. Those that were able came to RHK to pick them up. For those who lived farther away, we had staff members and volunteers who took the boxes to them.
Seeing the kids and being able to talk to them in person helped give reassurance they were truly okay.