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Be a Volunteer!


Our city streets are fighting to take the kids from their childhood, leaving us with more at-risk children than ever. Will you help us do our part to save these precious kids?



The adults who give their time at Rock House Kids have a wide variety of skills and availability. Because everyone is different in what they want to do or when they are available to help, we need a large group of volunteers! 

Here are some of the ways you can help:

Classroom Leader for Pebbles and Stones (ages 6-12) – This person leads one of our classrooms on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings. He/She will expand on the lesson for the day using provided curriculum, crafts, songs, and Bible verses.  

Classroom Co-leader for Pebbles and Stones (ages 6-12) – Co-leaders assist Leaders with above activities, help clean up the classroom after the kids leave, and may act as substitute leaders as needed.

Classroom Leader for Teens (ages 12-18) – This person leads one of our teen  classrooms on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings. In addition to the regular classroom duties as above, teen leaders and co-leaders may help with teen camping trips and other off-site events, and serve as mentors to our future adults.  

Classroom Co-leader for Teens (ages 12-18) – Co-leaders assist Leaders with above activities, help clean up the classroom after the kids leave, and will act as substitute leaders as needed.

Substitute Classroom Leaders/Floaters – Our substitutes are important as they are “on call” to serve as a leader, co-leader, or help in other areas when we are short on volunteers due to sickness or vacation.

Drivers – Many of our kids lack transportation to and from the Rock House Kids facility. We need adults to drive our vehicles to the various neighborhoods where the kids live, around 4:45 p.m., and then take them back at the end of the evening at 8:00 p.m. This is ideal for people who love kids but maybe aren’t comfortable in a classroom setting. Our vehicles are vans, so just a driver’s license is required. 

Cafeteria Watch – These volunteers provide a watchful, protective eye over the children during meal time. 

Kitchen Helper – Our kitchen volunteers help set up the serving area and serve the hot meals to the kids. They then clean up the kitchen area afterwards.

Front Door Security – This person welcomes the kids as they come through the door, monitors what they bring into our building, and see that they get to the proper area at the start of the evening. 

Outside Patrol – Our Patrols serve as the “watchmen” for the kids making sure they use the crosswalk, and ensuring they get to and from the playground safely. They also escort volunteers and staff to their vehicles throughout the evening. 

Playground Patrol – During the warm months, our Playground Patrol provides a watchful eye for the children while they are in our playground area. 

Timeout Patrol – This person will sit with the child/children if they are placed in timeout, talking with them about what happened and how to avoid it happening again.

Behind the Scenes – There are many things going on at our facility during the day, in order to be ready for evening programming and other events. Our behind the scenes people work closely with the Storeroom Clerk and other staff members, helping fill food bags, sorting and organizing donations, helping get items ready for giveaways, cleaning and organizing storage areas, assisting in the office, painting, cleaning, helping at community events, and more. If you are not available to work with the kids on weeknights, there are other ways you can serve!

Many of the above positions cross over onto others so one person may cover more than one area on a given day. 

Most importantly, Rock House Kids’ volunteers share our vision of being positive, Godly role models for these children, and keeping them safe. If you are interested in being part of a fun team of volunteers, please review our Statement of Faith, then complete one of the applications below and return it to us. 

NOTE:  To ensure the safety of our children and staff, applicants must be 18 years of age and are subject to a background check.

RHK Volunteer Application