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Leaving a Legacy

Leaving A Legacy


Is creating or updating your will or trust part of your New Year’s Resolution? Consider adding Rock House Kids in your annual giving and estate planning.

There are many ways to support Rock House Kids’ mission of reaching at risk children, sharing God’s love, feeding the hungry and providing a safe, nurturing refuge. By naming Rock House Kids as a beneficiary in a will or trust, insurance or retirement plan, or bank account, donors can take pride in knowing that they have bestowed a legacy of caring for the needs of the future.

Have you remembered Rock House Kids in your will or living trust? You can do so by adding a simple codicil or amendment to your estate planning document. The following is suggested wording, but remember, as always consult your attorney when making any change.

“I/We give _____% of my estate to Rock House Kids.”

“I/We give the sum of $__________ to Rock House Kids.”

If there are Rock House Kids programs that are special to you, by adding these words to the above statement you can provide for them: “…to be used for the general purposes of the (meals, spiritual, events, Christmas, etc.) program,”

The staff of Rock House Kids can assist you in identifying strategies to fulfill your estate planning needs. All inquiries are without obligation and held in the strictest confidence. We also recommend that you consult your legal/financial adviser when planning your charitable gift in order to protect its value and potential tax benefits.

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Thank you for your consideration!!